Industry-Specific Articles

Structural Articles:

Are you fully compliant?
This article explains why not being fully compliant can harm you—and how to know if you are really in compliance or not.

Preventing Corrosion in Welded Duplex Stainless Steels
Duplex stainless steels have to be handled carefully during welding to preserve their corrosion resistance. Find out more.

Winter Welding Tips
Simple tips to help keep your winter welding projects on track and reduce the need for potentially costly repairs.

Pipeline Articles

CSA Steam Pipeline Testing Updated
The recently released 2011 edition of the CSA Z662 Standard incorporates many changes. This article discusses some of them.

Oilfield Steam Piping: What You Need to Know
Oilfield steam distribution piping is an integral part of the SAGD process. This article clarifies the jurisdictional responsibilities for steam distribution piping and discusses the current requirements for steam line design and testing.

Pressure Equipment & Pressure Piping Articles:

How to Get Your ABSA B-Pressure Certificate of Competency
Don’t have your ABSA B-Pressure Certificate of Competency yet? Find out how to get it.

ABSA Updates
A roundup of changes recently implemented by ABSA (Alberta Boilers Safety Association), including: New AB-40 Form, CRN Number Now Mandatory, and New Pressure Vessel Design Requirements.

Highway Tanks & TDG Articles:

Tank Trucks – B620-09 Switchover. Don’t Get Caught!
B620-09 is coming, but no official date has been set. Find out how to be sure that you don’t get caught with invalid tanker truck and TDG tank certifications.

CSA B620 – Which Edition Is in Force?
This article originally ran in the February, 2011 Qualimet News, but is still current as of November 2012.

What Clients Ask About Highway Tanks
We are often asked questions like, “We’re manufacturing/repairing/modifying TC specification tanks or related piping – do we need to be ABSA certified for that work and have accompanying welding procedures and tested welders?” Find out the answer in this article.

Failure Analysis Articles:

Component Failure Analysis – What You Need to Know
If your business is affected by the failure of a metal component, the way you react can make all the difference. This article gives some key information on dealing with component failures.

Equipment Inspection Articles:

Buying Used Equipment? A Pre-Purchase Inspection Gives Great Value
There’s never been a better time to buy used equipment. But how do you ensure that your “bargain” won’t wind up causing you headaches?

Welding Repairs—Planning Makes All the Difference
The secret to a successful welding repair is to keep track of, and correctly assess, all the relevant factors. Hiring a qualified, experienced welding consultant can make all the difference.

EVERYBODY’S Crane is Cracked
Many people in construction don’t realize that every structural steel member—even when it’s brand new—contains tiny cracks known as microfissures. Is it a problem?

Heavy Equipment Modifications: Good Design is the Key to Long Life
If you’re adding attachments to your heavy equipment in order to support walkways, conduit, or electrical/mechanical equipment, it can pay off to consult a structural engineer first….

When to Call In an Equipment Inspector
Even if your lifting equipment is inspected regularly, unexpected problems can develop. Here are some signs that you should shut down and call an inspector….

Metallurgical and Materials Testin Articles:

How Comparison and Process Optimization Testing Can Save You Money
Not all research is pie-in-the-sky. Sometimes a little applied lab work can save you significant amounts of time, money, and aggravation.

Materials Test Report (MTR) Verification Testing – Why Everyone Wins
You’ve received the materials for a project. The accompanying Materials Test Report (MTR) lists a range of material properties that meets project specifications. Would it surprise you to know that you could still be using off-spec materials?

What Metallurgical Testing Results Really Tell You
Clients sometimes mention that they’re not clear on what their lab test results really mean. This article explains the significance of test results for the 3 most common tests used to characterize structural steel: tensile, hardness, and impact testing.

Product Alert – Counterfeit Filler
Recently, an offshore company has been supplying counterfeit welding filler metals that it claims are certified to AWS and CSA codes….

AWS Changes Standards for Welding Consumables
AWS has just announced a new Standard, AWS A5.36/A5.36M, for flux cored and metal cored electrodes. Find out how this affects other AWS Standards, and ultimately affects you.

General Industry Interest Articles:

When NOT to Trust Your Materials
Your Materials Testing Report (MTR) says your materials are right for the application, but the welds aren’t working. What’s up?

Welding Engineering – Step 1? Step 2? Or Step 5?
For best results, it’s important to consider your welding engineering requirements at the appropriate point in the design cycle. But – when is that point? Find out.

Freeing Up Your Experts’ Time
A recent Harvard Business Review article explored the growing business practice of outsourcing. Can partnering with Qualimet benefit you by freeing up your experts’ time?