The integrity of your pipeline can depend on many things. Qualimet provides a complete range of pipeline-related consulting services, from engineering and welding procedure development through to ongoing performance monitoring and testing.

Services include:




Qualified, Experienced Pipeline Integrity Testing

Qualimet’s fully equipped metallurgical testing laboratory provides a complete range of testing services related to pipeline integrity:

  • all testing is done by experienced technicians
  • Qualimet’s engineers fully integrate and analyze the data to give you a clear assessment of your pipeline’s current condition


If repairs are needed, Qualimet will design, supervise, and inspect the work to ensure that all quality standards are met. All pipeline service work is performed to the relevant standards: CSA Z662, API 1104, ASME B31, AWWA, etc.

Pipeline failures are expensive. Peace of mind is cheap. Contact Qualimet today. Our pipeline design and welding experts are ready to go to work for you