Qualimet delivers convenient, hassle-free welder testing:

  • ABSA welder performance qualification testing (“WPQ Testing”) in accordance with ASME, CSA, and API Codes
  • CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) Welder Testing (CSA W47.1)


From booking through to delivery of results, our friendly staff will make sure that your test goes smoothly.

  • frequent test dates – minimal wait time
  • book by phone
  • CWB coupons are pre-prepared to save you time
  • friendly, experienced staff will answer questions prior to the test
  • clean, brightly lit welder testing stations
  • opportunity to run practice welds & get used to the equipment
  • in-house lab facilities for same-day results
  • accredited welding examiners will discuss your test results with you


Qualimet’s welder testing services make it easy for you to test and go. To find out more, click any button below.