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2023 Edition of CSA Z662 Standard

Who will it impact?

CSA Z662 – Oil & Gas Pipeline Systems is a National Standard, referenced in legislation by provinces, territories and the federal government, that covers the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of oil & gas industry pipeline systems. It is a critical component for industry professionals to understand and apply this standard to help improve safety, reduce risk and boost productivity in the field.

A new edition of the Standard will be published this summer, with some changes and modifications. When CSA Group publish the new standard, in accordance with the Canadian Energy Regulator Onshore Pipeline Regulations and the Alberta Pipeline Rules, it becomes mandatory for compliance effective immediately.

The top 5 key changes expected are:

  • Girth weld strength under-matching & heat affected zone softening changes.
  • Clarification: what bends can be treated as straight pipe, alignment between field bends, induction bends, and elbows.
  • Hydrogen and hydrogen blend pipeline systems.
  • Expanded scope of Annex B.
  • Safety class methodology.

Cheers to Fifty Years!

Stay tuned for Qualimet’s 50th anniversary celebrations!

Qualimet Hours & Testing Schedule

July Calendar

2023-07-03 Office closure for statutory holiday.

If you have an emergency call (780) 469-5870

2023-07-07 CWB Welder testing

2023-07-21 CWB Welder testing

Regular Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:00am to 5:00pm

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What would I do?


Jurisdiction does periodic or scheduled reviews and asks if I’ve reviewed all my weld procedures. I truthfully answer and provide what was given to me before taking on responsibility, but note that I haven’t personally reviewed it.

First problem: I haven’t had a lot of time to do a review, nor can I see myself carving some time for it .

Second problem: I’m not sure exactly where to start. I know the basics enough to understand what I can do, but have usually relied on my more knowledgeable mentors for support.

Third problem: My mentors have retired.

What could I do?

  • Muddle through it. Learning by fire is how it’s done, right?
  • Ask Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT)?
  • Look for another mentor?
  • Ask Qualimet for help!