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Welcome to Qualimet Inspection Services – Your Trusted Partner for Precision and Quality Assurance!

At Qualimet, we specialize in providing top-notch inspection services tailored to meet the industry standards. With our ISO 17020 (6108.2) certification, you can trust us to deliver expertise and reliability in every inspection project. We are proud to be certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau under the esteemed CSA W178.1 standard, ensuring that our inspection services are held to the highest level of quality and professionalism.

Our Range of Inspection Methods Includes:

Visual Testing (VT Testing)

Visual testing, also known as VT testing, is a meticulous process that examines the surface of materials for any visible defects. Our skilled inspectors use advanced techniques to assess the integrity and quality of the materials, ensuring that your products meet the desired specifications.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Methods:

Magnetic Particle Testing (MT Testing)

Magnetic particle testing, or MT testing, is a powerful method used to detect surface and subsurface flaws in ferromagnetic materials. By employing magnetic fields and fine magnetic particles, our experts can identify imperfections with accuracy, ensuring the structural integrity of your components.

Liquid Dye Penetrant Testing (PT Testing)

Liquid dye penetrant testing, also known as PT testing, is a non-destructive inspection technique used to identify surface defects in various materials. Our skilled technicians apply a specialized liquid dye penetrant, which seeps into surface cracks and imperfections. After thorough examination, we provide detailed insights to assist you in making informed decisions about your materials.

Ultrasonic Testing (UT Testing)

Ultrasonic testing, or UT testing, is a highly effective method for detecting internal defects and evaluating material thickness. Utilizing high-frequency sound waves, our experienced inspectors can identify inconsistencies within the material, allowing for analysis without causing any damage.

At Qualimet, we combine technology with our extensive industry knowledge to deliver inspection services that exceed expectations. Whether you require visual testing, magnetic particle testing, liquid dye penetrant testing, or ultrasonic testing, we are committed to ensuring the utmost accuracy and reliability in our results.

Partner with us for your inspection needs and experience the Qualimet advantage. Where precision meets perfection.

Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and let us demonstrate our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence.

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