Successful Audit

Everyone made me feel welcome and were willing to help wherever they could. I appreciate the use of your facility and equipment during our mock-up activity. Even though it was not a large exercise, it was achieved in a very short timeframe. To add, the audit went quite successful. We only received one minor finding (i.e. the issue with the CRN info for the o-lets) and a few observations. I am working to resolve those now. We are recommended for AQP renewal so that was the key to the exercise. I would recommend Qualimet to any company out there that requires such services. Your professionalism and efforts are commendable and are very rare to see these days. Every employee that I met, from management to “shop employee” was unexpectedly helpful, respectful and made the extra effort to make my stay comfortable and effective. I think you have a diverse and unified team. All of you seem to be working for the same goal. Please pass on my gratitude to all the Qualimet employees. I wish all of you the best.

-Jamie Engram Sr. HSEQ Coordinator
Talon Energy

Caring and Helpful

Todd Wonitowy, Director of Quality Control at ClearStream Energy Services, says the reason he sticks with Qualimet is that “the people are helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, and care about the right answer,” whereas “other companies are missing the personal touch and it feels like I’m taking their time away.” Todd feels that Qualimet is always there to help, no matter what his specific needs. Qualimet has helped ClearStream troubleshoot in difficult situations, providing highly specific consulting that helps Clearstream deliver value to its own Clients. Todd raves about his working relationship with Qualimet staff members, saying, “everyone is great.” On one visit to Qualimet, the receptionist remembered his name and wished him happy birthday. Todd was shocked and tells us “it was a really nice touch.”

Gets the Job Done

Heath Gilmar of Gilmar Crane Service Ltd says he keeps coming back to Qualimet because of the exceptional level of service. He likes the prices and feels he receives fair value. Heath says he’s treated very well by everyone at Qualimet, and it takes some of his stress away. “Even in a time crunch it’s never an issue,” he says. “They always line it up and get the job done.”