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In Alberta and throughout Canada, it is a legal requirement that all steel structures, including tank supports, welded-on tank access ladders, and small portable structures like skid packages, be fabricated and erected by CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) certified companies.

To be certified as Division I, a company must employ a CWB certified welding engineer.

To be certified as Division II, a company must retain a CWB certified welding engineer.

Make Qualimet Your Ad Hoc Engineering Department

Qualimet provides CWB Retained Engineering services to companies that require CWB certification to Division II as a component of their structural steel fabrication and erection operations.

Qualimet’s CWB certified welding engineers will guide your company through the process of obtaining and maintaining CWB certification (CSA W47.1), including:

  • a due diligence review and assistance in meeting the CWB application criteria
  • making the initial application
  • developing Welding Procedure Specifications and Welding Procedure Data Sheets
  • acting as Retained Engineer
  • visiting your site for quarterly audits to your registered facility as per CSA W47.1 and completing the required engineering reports for your company records
  • advising you in all aspects of maintaining compliance (as per CSA W47.1 and CSA W59)

How You Benefit

If you perform steel fabrication and erection as a minor component of your total service package—for example, you’re a Heavy Industry Contractor or Fabricator—it may not be cost-effective for you to employ a CWB Certified Engineer. By using Qualimet’s Retained Engineering services, you can eliminate the expense of hiring a full-time CWB Certified Engineer, yet maintain full legal compliance under Division II.

Qualimet’s staff includes Professional Engineers registered in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and BC. This extensive experience is placed at your company’s service. It’s like having a complete engineering department of your own.

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