Welding Procedure Specifications

Welding Procedure Specifications

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Welcome to Qualimet: Your Welding Solution Experts

At Qualimet, we redefine excellence in welding. Specializing in cutting-edge welding procedure specification (WPS) design, testing, and documentation, we cater to your welding needs with unmatched precision and expertise. Whether you’re venturing into new applications or seeking repairs, we’ve got you covered.

Why Choose Qualimet?

Expertise Beyond Boundaries: Our skilled team meticulously crafts WPS tailored to the highest industry standards, including ASME, CWB, API, CSA, and AWS, ensuring your projects meet the strictest quality benchmarks.

Total Client Care: Entrust us with your welding challenges, and we promise you peace of mind. Our dedicated professionals engage with you to understand your requirements thoroughly. From developing innovative welding procedures to conducting rigorous tests, we meticulously document every step. We deliver comprehensive welding procedure data sheets (WPDS) essential for certification, ensuring your project sails through without a hitch.

Flexible Solutions, Anywhere You Need: Whether it’s in our  labs or your own facility, our experts can develop welding procedures and brazing techniques that align perfectly with your project goals.

Beyond Welding: Our Range of Services

Elevating Quality: Beyond WPS design, we offer an array of services. Our team reviews existing welding procedures, conducts meticulous quality control inspections, and supervises critical weld procedures in the field, ensuring uncompromised quality in every project.

Pressure Welding Excellence: Entrusted with pressure welding on vessels, piping, or other equipment? We guide you through your legal responsibilities, providing comprehensive assistance in developing procedures that comply with all jurisdictional requirements. From quality system registration to welder testing, we handle it all seamlessly.

Steam Distribution Piping Services

Specialized Expertise: Dive into our specialized services tailored for the unique demands of steam distribution operations. Our expertise in welding and constructing oilfield steam distribution piping sets us apart. Explore our Steam Piping Services page for a glimpse into how we can elevate your project to unprecedented heights.

Welding Procedure Specifications

At Qualimet, we don’t just weld; we craft excellence.

Partner with us and let your projects shine with the brilliance of superior welding solutions. Experience the difference – where expertise meets innovation, and precision blends seamlessly with passion.
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