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Welcome to Qualimet: Your Trusted Partner in the Structural Steel Industry!

In the dynamic realm of structural steel construction, where numerous stakeholders converge, ensuring project efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and safety is paramount. At Qualimet, we understand the complexities of structural steel projects and offer integrated, cost-effective services and solutions that elevate project success to unprecedented levels.

Coordinated, End-to-End Services:

Qualimet stands as your reliable partner throughout the lifecycle of your structural steel project. Our seasoned welding consultants provide expert guidance and support, seamlessly navigating the journey from engineering and structural design to fabrication, construction, inspection, testing, and structure maintenance. Early engagement with us ensures maximum benefits for your project, enhancing efficiency and minimizing costs.

Benefits for Design Engineers & Architects:

Our collaboration with your planning and preparation team is geared towards optimizing your structural steel specifications. We identify cost-adding restrictions without value and ensure clear communication of design requirements beyond codes. By precisely prescribing inspections, we help control costs and guarantee adherence to specifications.

Benefits for Contractors:

Count on Qualimet to safeguard your interests. We review tender specifications, identify missed items, and assist in certification, ensuring your bids are competitive and compliant. Our retained engineer services guarantee accurate documentation, eliminating costly mistakes and delays, while our expertise in managing deficiencies ensures seamless progress without rework expenses.

Benefits for Owners/Owner’s Reps & End Users:

Early engagement with Qualimet shields you from potential risks. We certify contractor qualifications, conduct third-party audits, manage structural steel inspections, and track deficiencies, ensuring adherence to codes and design requirements. With us, you’re protected, costs are controlled, and projects proceed smoothly.

Available Structural Steel Services:

Qualimet offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to your needs:

  • Review of tender specifications
  • Structural engineering design and specifications checking
  • Certification assistance by the Canadian Welding Bureau
  • Third-party audits and structural testing
  • Welding Procedure Specifications and Welding Data Sheets development
  • Technical support for materials and welding
  • CWB Structural Welder Performance Testing facilitation
  • Production Testing, Quality Programs, and Quality Assurance training
  • Metallurgical testing services, including coatings testing
  • Forensic failure analysis

Compliance with Industry Standards:

Rest assured, all our work adheres to the highest industry standards, including CSA W178.1, CSA W178.2, W47.1, W47.2, W59, W59.2, CSA S16, S6, CGSB, NACE, AWS D1.1, ASTM E164 & E709, and engineer/architect supplementary requirements.

For structural steel engineering, inspection, and testing services, partner with Qualimet today. Contact us to transform your projects into success stories!

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