July Newsletter

Yield Strength – Is your Pipeline Weld Procedure (WPS) still in compliance?

New prescriptive requirements in CSA Z662:23 may require you to re-qualify procedures where the Specified Minimum Yield Strength of materials is greater than 386 MPa.

The new requirements in CSA Z662:23 were implemented to address concerns with undermatched weld strength and heat affected zone (HAZ) softening on higher grades of line pipe that may result in catastrophic failure under certain conditions.

Does this affect you? Let us help you review your Welding Procedure Specifications today!

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Your Stories

We are so grateful for the trust our Clients have placed in collaborating with Qualimet over the last 50 years. If you have a story about working with us that you would like to share, we would love to hear about and highlight it in upcoming distributions and events!

Qualified entries will be drawn to win one of three $50 Gift Cards to a local business of your choice.

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The Third-Party for you!

The use of Third-Party Services can help you ensure reliable results and good performance. It gives proof that you are performing work competently and to appropriate standards, providing valuable metallurgical data that your stakeholders would want to see.

Some of the ways Qualimet can help you with your metallurgical projects is by providing third-party Quality Audits, Structural Steel Inspections, and testing in our ISO Accredited Laboratory.

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