April Newsletter

Are Your Procedures Up to Date?

Spring means plant shutdowns for many of our clients. Non-compliant welding procedures and bottlenecks in inspection can lead to costly delays and safety issues.

Here’s how Qualimet helps you stay on track:

  • Expertise for Your Success: Our engineers have an in-depth understanding of the latest codes. We’ll work with you to ensure your Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) are fully compliant, protecting you from delays and potential safety risks.

  • Fast Turnaround for Testing: Avoid delays with our streamlined welder testing process. We get your people qualified and ready to work quickly without sacrificing accuracy.

  • Quality Training: Use our classroom and expertise to ensure that your Quality Control personnel are set up to win on the jobsite and ensure rewelds are kept to a minimum.

Important Reminder

Regulatory changes in January 2024 could impact your procedures.
Let’s start the review process now for a smooth transition.

Avoid Costly Mistakes with Qualimet’s Expertise

Recently, a company needed welding procedures developed for a critical project. Originally, they chose a different company to provide these services. Unfortunately, this decision led to major problems. The provided procedures didn’t meet the owner requirements for the intended use of the procedures, creating a serious risk of project delays and cost overruns.

Realizing the mistake, a solution was desperately needed. They contacted Qualimet. Our team immediately got to work, identifying and correcting errors in the original procedures.

While Qualimet’s expertise resolved the crisis, the initial focus on saving money ended up costing dearly. Here’s how:

  • Significant cost overruns: The need for urgent rework resulted in additional fees to expedite the development of new, compliant procedures.

  • Project Delays: The time spent fixing the problem pushed back the project timeline, leading to lost revenue.

  • Stand By Time: Welders and project personnel were on-site with very little to do until the procedures were approved by all parties (including regulators) for use.

  • Reputational Damage: Delays could hurt the client’s reputation within the industry.

Need it done right the first time? Qualimet’s experts ensure your procedures are compliant and your project stays on schedule.

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