Qualimet specializes in welding procedure (WPS) design, testing, and documentation for new applications and repairs.

Depending on your needs, we will design your welding procedure specification to any of the following codes and standards: 


  • Transport Canada Quality Control
  • US Military Specifications


Total, Comprehensive Client Care

Give us your welding challenges, and we will give you peace of mind. Qualimet is experienced in the design and documentation of welding / brazing procedures for all applications. Qualified personnel will:


  • talk with you about your WPS requirements
  • develop the welding procedures
  • prepare samples
  • coordinate and conduct tests to validate the welding procedures
  • document the test results
  • provide the WPS and welding procedure data sheets (WPDS) needed for certification
  • deliver any other welding-related consulting services you need


Welding procedures and brazing procedures can be developed in our labs or at your own facility.


Additional Welding-Related Services

Qualimet’s experienced personnel will:

  • review existing welding procedures
  • provide ongoing welding quality control inspections and documentation
  • supervise and inspect critical weld procedures in the field
  • assist subcontractors in preparing quotes for the welding component of a job


Pressure Welding Procedures and Related Services

If you perform welding on pressure vessels, pressure piping, or other pressure equipment, your company has specific quality control responsibilities under the law. Qualimet will assist you with:

  • developing pressure welding procedures that meet all applicable jurisdictional requirements
  • all aspects of pressure equipment quality control


We will guide your company through its legal responsibilities and ensure that the required welding procedure development, testing, and documentation are all properly completed. Our friendly staff will:


  • discuss your requirements with you
  • develop or review welding procedures, including repair procedures 
  • facilitate registration of your welding procedures at the applicable regulatory agency
  • prepare a quality manual suitable for registration
  • facilitate quality systems registration with the applicable regulatory agency
  • supervise pressure equipment welder testing in accordance with the applicable regulatory agency guidelines


For more information, please see our Pressure Equipment page.


SAGD & CSS Steam Distribution Piping Services

There are many special requirements for the design and construction of oilfield steam distribution piping for SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) and CSS (cyclic steam stimulation) operations. To see how we can assist you, please see our Steam Piping Services page.